Architecture of Osterley

Parks are my heaven, so you guys will have to get use to pictures of them because there are thousands in London! A 16th Century neo-classical mansion surrounded by a sea of rich green grass and an abundance of natural wildlife, Osterley Park & House is a magical place hidden in Hounslow, West London.

Mother Nature’s architectural beauty is incomparable to anything man can create. Osterley Park is a small part of the 47% of London that is classed as green space by the Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL). That just means I have a lot of exploring to do!

The history of Osterley is one of entertainment and good impressions. The Tudor house was originally built in the 1570s but was restored to its current state by architect and designer, Robert Adam for the Child family. The house and grounds were used to put on grand parties and impress the family’s friends and clients.

Tudor mansion 3
Tudor architecture has a slightly medieval feel to it, and although the restoration of Osterley house hasn’t kept all the traditional Tudor characteristics, there are still a few remaining. The four-post architecture, large, oriel windows, and multiple number of decorated chimney pots, are just a few of Osterley Houses custom Tudor features. Image courtesy of Kit Logan via Flickr.
A close up of the gorgeous oriel windows that are approximately seven feet tall. During medieval times, glass was expensive, so large windows was a sign of wealth and prestige.
As you walk into the main gates of Osterley Park, you greeting with a tranquil body of water, dotted with various species of birds and other wildlife. Middle Lake also plays host to Canoeing in the Park on Sunday’s during the summer months.
Osterley Parks’ local residents are these friendly creatures. Take some stale bread with you and you’ll be there new best friend!
If after a long walk around the gardens, you feel a bit peckish, the quaint Stables Café serves great coffee and a variety of tasty treats and meals. There is also a garden and gift store in the left and right hand wings of the Stables building.
Every element of Osterley Park, from the elegant love seats to the iron fencing and detailed gates, is symbolic of its heritage.
One of my favourite pictures from my day at Osterley was this one. There are so many amazing old cedar trees in the park and their trunks are just phenomenal! A representation of how beautiful Mother Nature’s architecture truly is.


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