Car Boot Bargains

No matter what store I walk into, I’ll stroll around for a few moments when I somehow find myself right in front of all the pretty discount stickers! It is a skill I am very proud of and today I want to share with you the pièce de résistance of bargains; Car Boot Sales.

Recently I moved into a period style home in West London with two floor-to-ceiling bookcases either side of a gorgeous, marble-mantled fireplace. With not enough books to fill half a bookcase, my partner and I set out to find some beautiful, old, hardcover classics. Chiswick Car Boot Sale was the first place we thought of to begin our search and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

From tools and trinkets to large pieces of furniture and records you thought you’d never see again, Chiswick Car Boot Sale is the perfect playground for antique enthusiasts, bargain hunters, and loud-and-proud hoarders. Considered one of the most successful car boot sales in the UK’s South East, thousands flock to Chiswick School on the first Sunday of every month to see what bargain they can find next! Use caution when visiting however, as it will be the beginning of an obsessive monthly ritual.

Some of the treasure I bought at the last boot sale on Sunday 5th June, 2016 included a set of 15 Charles Dickens classics for £10, two old, glass medicine bottles for £6, and a vintage, art-deco magazine rack for £2.

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