Inspired on my a.m. walk

Morning walks are designed to gently ease you into the day while justifying the chocolate biscuit you have during your 11am tea break. The smell of fresh air, the sounds of birds chirping and the sun’s heat on your skin, are some of the ways that nature can prepare and inspire us for the day ahead.

On my walk this morning, I made a realisation that a lot of the things in my home are inspired by what I see outside. From ivy crawling along the side of an old English townhouse to feeding the ducks on the river, and the interestingly patterned awnings of my local coffee shop; it has all influenced me in some way or another. So, after having this realisation, I decided to photograph five things that I saw which could (and probably has) inspired my home’s interior.

This old paddle boat is tied up close to the shore along the River Thames. It’s got this beautiful turquoise interior and a slightly more aqua colour around its edges. What I love most though is its worn, rustic appeal. Some may call it dirty or old, I call it antique with a story to tell. Antique and second hand stores are my favourite places to shop! I’d recommend searching for a local auction house if you’re interested in antiques or if you’re a bit of a nosey parker like me!

One thing that I adore about English houses is their front doors. With stain glassed windows and elaborate door knockers and mail slots, they are a piece of art rather than just a door. The art deco hardware is definitely something I want in my own home!

This humongous willow tree hangs over the River Thames and some of its branches seem to fall forever! Indoor plants and ferns that hang like this look incredible! You can put them in a hanging basket or on a bookcase; wherever they are placed, I promise you they’ll look amazing!

The swans and ducks at the river could keep me entertained for hours! Their luxurious white feathers, long necks and contrasting orange beaks create an elegant, beautiful aesthetic. Feathers are an exquisite texture in a home, and feathered wall hangings are my favourite of their kind!

I walk across this set of train tracks every morning and the thought of someone hand-laying each and every sleeper, amazes me every time. Industrial interior styles have re-emerged with the likes of lofts and warehouse conversions. Old railroad bolts and spikes are now becoming decorative features on bookshelves and in home offices.

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