Kate Guy gets creative in the kitchen

Cardabelle Design is former graphic designer and art teacher, Kate Guy’s newest venture that combines her love of traditional print making techniques with her passion for cooking. Using lino-cut and screen printing methods, Kate creates unique, handmade kitchen textiles.

When Kate’s teaching schedule in North London changed, she found herself with extra time to work on her own projects. Inspired by cooking, natural ingredients and sharing good food with friends and family, Kate naturally gravitated toward products for the kitchen. Kate’s first design, ‘Rebecca’s Cupboard’, is actually an image of her friend’s kitchen shelves in the South of France. Made from organic cotton and printed in Lincolnshire, Kate saw kitchen textiles as a way to share her art on a larger scale. “Many people will not buy pictures to hang on their walls but will buy useful objects such as tea towels,” says Kate. “I like to think of my work as useful art”.

And useful it is. Kate’s newest collection is titled ‘Regional Recipes’ which cleverly showcases all the ingredients for traditional British recipes on a tea towel, using her signature lino-cut design. Printed onto greeting cards and then screen printed onto the fabric, the recipes range from ‘Irish Stew’ to ‘Bakewell Tart’ and are accompanied by easy-to-understand instructions on the product’s packaging.

Currently selling online through Etsy, at London markets such as Brick Lane, and in approximately 20 independent shops around the UK, Kate has also completed a few commission projects including ‘Drink a Rainbow’ for freshly-pressed juice brand, Passion 4 Juice, with plans to work with more chefs and restaurants to illustrate their dishes. Coming soon from Cardabelle Design though are ‘Scouse’ and ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ recipes, as well as expansion of the product range to include other textiles (aprons, oven gloves, etc), tiles and ceramics.


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