A 5 course street food menu in Camden

On a busy Saturday afternoon, I was surrounded by mouth-watering smells and an abundance of delicious options that sounded just as delectable as the next. Instead of choosing one, I made my way through a five course street food menu so I could share with you the delightful tastes of Camden Market. You’re welcome!

Although its history lies in the arts and crafts, Camden Market has become a must-visit tourist destination for connoisseurs, foodies and street food enthusiasts. Dated back to 1974, Camden was an industrial site for gin distilleries and warehouses, and the market housed a total of 16 traders who sold antiques, jewellery, and handmade crafts. Now open seven days a week and considered one of the largest of its kind in London, Camden Market has over 1,000 stores to eat, drink, shop and then eat again.

Stumbling along the cobble stone pathways, I walked underneath a cloud of smoke as vendors seared succulent slices of beef and pressed gooey, grilled cheese sandwiches in front of me. Taking all the samples that were hurled at my face as I walked by, I had no idea what I was eating half the time; all I knew was that it tasted incredible! At the stage where you’re so hungry you become unable to make any kind of decisions, I let fate resolve the matter and spearheaded towards stands with the shortest queues.

From smokey pulled pork to hand-tossed pizza dough, perfectly grilled Argentinian steak to gooey mac-n-cheese, and topped off by a French crepe dripping in Nutella, it’s safe to say, I was rolling my way back home. An authenticity that no restaurant can compare to, there’s just something about watching a chef throw meat around in front of you, after which you proceed to eat your steak sandwich on a bench seat, trying to make sure none of the meaty goodness drips onto your white Levi’s.

All I have left to say is if you can’t find me, I’ll be at Camden Market, eating my way to heaven.

Smokey pulled pork wrap with crunchy apple slaw by La Porca.
Posh Spice mac-n-cheese with spicy chorizo, harissa and caramelised onion by The Mac Factory.
FotorCreated 2
Hand-tossed calzone with ricotta and spinach by Pizza Rustica.
Argentine Steak Sandwich with salad, grilled peppers and signature chimichurri sauce by Asador Argentine Grill.
FotorCreated 3
Nutella and banana crepe from Crepes a la carte.




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