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Last week, a new take on the traditional art gallery was launched. The Art Room is an online collection of original paintings, prints and photography handpicked by founder and artist, Lorraine Aaron. To celebrate the launch, Lorraine shares with DWD her expert tips for choosing art for your home.

My father is a graphic designer, so while I was growing up, the walls of our family home were always covered in art and photography. I remember watching him sketch logos, product labels or even just doodle on scrap paper while sitting on the sofa in front of the television. I would be amazed at what he could create with just a pencil in his hand and a piece of blank paper. That’s maybe why I have some kind of appreciation for art, even though I know nothing about brush strokes, perspective or post-impressionism. But art is about being surrounded by the things you love and while making it accessible to homeowners worldwide, Lorraine, founder of The Art Room is sharing with us today her expert tips on choosing and curating art for your home.

The Where & Why?

Think about where you want to add artwork in your home and what you want it to achieve. Do you want it to make a statement or fill a space? What is the space used for? Is it a large or small space? Do you want to make people stop and stare, or laugh?

Make a connection

Creating a theme is an easy way to make a space feel whole. Holiday snaps could start a tropical theme, landscapes could start a botanical thread, or an inspirational quote could be the start of a collection of your life goals. The list is endless and it’ll fire your imagination. Create your own story.

What goes where?

High impact, colourful or dramatic pieces work well in entrances, at the end of a hallway, or at the top of a stairwell. A collection of smaller frames of family photos or personal cuttings are best in spaces where you and guests linger; spaces where the time can be taken to really see each item, such as a guest room, living room or kitchen. Artworks that create rhythmic visual patterns using colour, light or form work brilliantly in transitional spaces, such as a hallway or stairwell, where people will be passing through rather than looking closely.

Choose your layout style

As a rule of thumb, art works best when displayed in either a Linear, Organic or Random style. A linear style is organised and structured, whether in a horizontal or vertical line, or a grid style, making it ideal for a hallway or narrow space. An organic layout uses the shape of the display wall as a starting point, and balances and counteracts it. An organic style is a great way to bring together a mix of unrelated artworks by arranging them in one large shape on the wall. And the random layout is just as it sounds – random. While it’s important to consider which frames and prints make sense together, art is all about personal expression and having fun. It’s your space to create something that you’ll enjoy every time you see it.

Mix it up

Art isn’t just a painting or a picture, it can be anything you enjoy looking at. Consider sculpture, objects and highlights. Why not try hanging a rug on a wall or tacking personal clippings up with washi tape?

A work in progress …

The wonderful thing about art is that anything goes as long as you love it. Building a gallery wall or display takes time and patience, and you won’t get it perfect the first time. My best advice is to be patient and don’t compromise. Keep your eyes peeled in the most unlikely places, such as flea markets, charity shops, magazines and car boot sales, as well as art school or college degree shows. Just go for it, your home will love you for it!

Curious Egg - Inigo Scout lifestyle 3
Microscopic textile art by Tim Fishlock for Inigo Scout. Available from Curious Egg.

While sitting on the sofa or cozied up in bed, visitors to The Art Room use the space just as they would a traditional gallery. Currently exhibiting six international and emerging talents, each piece is accompanied by an introduction to the artist, their background and inspirations, their thoughts on the work, and in some cases, video footage of the work in progress. From the original paintings of two real-life dancers by Italian artist, Karenina Fabrizzi, to the mixed media imaginary landscapes of Rachel Lee’s artwork, and the ethereal prints of German-born, Alex Boyd, The Art Room provides a great range of works at a variety of prices, starting from just £35.

Alex boyd Loch Lomond 1 Curious Egg for press (1)
Loch Lomond 1 Limited Edition Print by Alex Boyd. Available from Curious Egg.
Selection of works by Karenina Fabrizzi. Available from Curious Egg.

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