A new way to enjoy restaurant-quality food

Launching August 24th, One Hour Chef is offering a new way of experiencing delicious food. Using the One Hour Chef online platform, you can organize a chef to come to your home and cook a restaurant-quality meal for you and your guests, and clean up! All in under 60 mins! Where do we sign up!?

So, it’s hump day (Wednesday) and you’re sitting at your work desk trying to think of something interesting to cook tonight for the neighbours that you so enthusiastically invited over for dinner after a few champagnes on Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, all you can think about is the soft, pillowy cushions of your sofa and that floating feeling you get when you falling into its open arms. We’ve all been there, and we’ll all find ourselves back in that sticky situation once again in the future. Understanding this feeling and as a chef and family man himself, Demetrice was aware of the involuntary dread of preparing a feast that comes with the desire to host a dinner party for friends and family. Demetrice found that amid the home delivery services, boxes of produce delivered to your door, and the supermarkets’ pre-packaged frozen meals, there was no platform that made hiring a chef easy and affordable. Over a few beers with a friend, One Hour Chef became a realistic vision and Demetrice began manifesting a way to connect chefs with consumers in his home town in Florida.


To become a One Hour Chef, chefs must sign up and endure a vetting process of questioning and verification of documents and licenses. By enduring this process, One Hour Chef customers can be assured that the chef they hire is trust-worthy and can actually cook! Not only providing you and I with easier access to delicious, restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of our own homes, One Hour Chef is offering chefs an opportunity to gain more exposure and launch a career as a personal chef.

As of the 24th August, One Hour Chef will be offering personal chef services, catering services and prepared meal deliveries to homes in Florida, California, New York and London. Starting in 2017, the platform will also be donating 50 cents of every $1 to help fund areas around the world that are in need of food, as well as educate communities about healthy eating. With the goal to become a hub for personal, affordable chef services and online cooking education, One Hour Chef might just be the next big step in the food and restaurant industry, and a glimpse into the future of home cooking.

Visit www.onehourchef.com to search available chefs in your area or sign up as a chef!

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