The science of styling

From the living room bookshelves to the bedside tables, I’ve tried my hand at styling many times and it’s mostly ended in disaster. When it has worked, I’ve stepped back and thought, how did I do that!? So, I asked the experts at Danetti to share with DWD some tips on the science of styling!

Danetti experts have promised that if you follow these simple tips, you will create a stylish expose, whether its atop a sideboard, chest of drawers, bedside table or mantel.

  1. The Power of 3 – Groupings of three work extremely well – it’s a magic number!
  2. Colour accents – When you’re starting out, it’s better to keep your colour palette simple. Coordinating timber textures with black, white and metallic accents will always work! If you want to be brave, add one or two pops of colour but don’t overdo it.
  3. Something Fresh to soften the look – a pure white hydrangea is a beautiful bold choice. You could also use a single palm stem or monster leaf for a more organic aesthetic.
  4. Symmetry – this is an easy way to maintain balance in your display.

Here’s a few designs by Danetti with explanations of their styling choices.

All White:Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

At first glance this looks like a really beautiful simple shot of a white sideboard, but it’s no accident how casually grouped it looks – it’s all planned! This arrangement is particularly interesting as it is styled up on one side. A cascading ivy takes the eye from the low left hand side and slowly rises along the surface to the top of the taller plant and the picture frames. Aria glass and white oak sideboard £649, Danetti.

Family Living:
Glide Grey White Gloss And Oak Sideboard Lifestyle

Family living is often vibrant and fun with bursts of colour – this stylish arrangement is carefully planned! Firstly the grouping of three accessories on one side add varying heights to one side and the wide bowl on the other side helps to balance the tall group and subtly combining all the colours used elsewhere. Glide sideboard in grey gloss with teal and oak £549, Danetti.

Warm Tones:
Assi Walnut Sideboard (3)

Wood is a wonderful material but the grain can create quite a distraction and is a focal point in its own right. The stylists at Danetti have created this look to accentuate the warm tones of the Walnut Assi sideboard, by choosing some soft coloured aubergine and chocolate coloured glass vases which are then blended with white pots and monochrome prints by using lots of greenery and a copper tray. Assi walnut sideboard £449, Danetti.

Have a go at styling, tag DWD in your photo on Instagram or Facebook, along with the hashtag #dinewithdesign, and we will repost your pic! Can’t wait to see all your beautiful designs!

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