Ready, Set, Bake!

The glisteningly tanned Paul Hollywood and the epitome of British perfection, Mary Berry, are back on our screens on a Wednesday night for another series of The Great British Bake Off. Inspiring many to dust off the whisk and the wooden spoons, I’ve put together a short wish list for the invigorated baker!

I can only imagine that when anyone thinks of cake or cookies, they smile. The delicate, sugary goodness of these treats carry beautiful childhood memories of licking the bowl and the kitchen looking like it’d been hit by an explosion of white powder. But when mum is no longer by your side handing over things to put in the mixing bowl, and you have 10 guests coming over for dinner, baking a cake becomes a little daunting!

Unlike cooking, baking is a science. The famous sponge cake is created by a unique process of vigorously mixing fat and sugar which creates air bubbles and gives the cake its desirable fluffy, spongey texture. The addition of egg forms a protective coating around these air bubbles so that the cake doesn’t collapse during baking, and flour provides structural formation as the gluten holds the cake together. I told you, it’s actually a science!

So stop beating yourself up too much when your cake doesn’t come out perfectly. You’ve seen the disasters on The Great British Bake Off so far, baking is tough. But I also think this is why we all love it so much; it’s a challenge. And, we get to eat a melt-in-your-mouth mountain of sugar and fat at the end of it! Yum!!!!

So, here’s my selection of fancy, adorable and luxurious baking bits. Please also share with me your favourite baking recipes and pics of your achievements and failures by tagging @dine_with_design on Instagram or @DineWithDesign on Facebook. I can’t wait to see all your baking snaps!

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