10 yr old to publish 2nd recipe book

Dylan Allman is 10 years old, at school, and is currently crowdfunding to publish his second cookbook that will feed hungry children around the world. This little guy is awe inspiring and his story is a must-read!

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about whether you should bake some cupcakes for the upcoming MacMillan Coffee Morning or participate in your city’s next triathlon, this story might be the inspiration you need to click that registration button!

“I was so shocked to learn that across the world there are more 52 million children under the age of five suffering from malnutrition. It just doesn’t seem right. I want to help make a difference and help children know the joy of food,” says Dylan Allman.

At seven years of age, Dylan Allman became the UK’s youngest successful crowdfunder when he raised £1250 to produce and publish his first recipe book. Dylan is just about to turn 10 and is currently fundraising via the Crowdfunding platform once again to publish his second recipe book. Proceeds from the books’ sales will be donated to Action Against Hunger and their efforts towards feeding children who suffer from malnutrition worldwide. The book is inspired by the children that it aims to help by including local recipes from around the world. Dylan, with support from his mum and friends, has been in contact with children from Australia to South Africa, compiling an extensive list of international recipes. Alongside the recipes, Dylan has designed a food passport with stickers that will allow children to indicate which countries they’ve “visited” once they’ve made that country’s recipe.

“It’s quite a lot of money and then I have to sell the books to make the money for the charity but I don’t mind working really hard. Crowdfunding isn’t easy and I’ll be working every day on that as well as getting all the recipes together and working with the printers to design the book and food passport,” says Dylan.

Dylan needs to raise £500 in order to design and print 100 copies of his recipe book. This will allow his to raise £1000 for Action Against Hunger. You can help Dylan achieve his goal by visiting his Crowdfunding page here, http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/food-for-thought-1

I wish Dylan the best of luck and look forward to getting my own copy of his recipe book when it’s released later in the year, hopefully just in time for Christmas!

I will be sure to let you all know here, as well as on social media when Dylans’ recipe book is on sale and where you can purchase it from. In the meantime, read more about Dylan and his past projects on his website, Cracking Good Recipes.


Dylan Allman holding his first recipe book that he published when he was 7 years old, honouring him with the UK’s youngest successful crowdfunder.

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