Uluwatu, Bali

Sorry about the delay in posting but I’ve been too busy soaking up the sun in beautiful Bali! In the meantime, you can keep up with my travels on Instagram, @dine_with_design, and here’s a picture gallery of our private villa stay in Uluwatu.

A clifftop hideaway that has been recognised for its powers of healing and good fortune by Feng Shui experts, Karma Kandara is the perfect destination to relax and escape the business of our everyday lives. Each villa has its own private pool, as well as a communal pool and private beach access. It’s on the more expensive side, but the Karma Spa massage therapists have magic hands and the rooms look out onto the ocean. Ask the therapists to open the windows while you get a massage and enjoy the moment as you hear the waves crashing below you! Heaven!

Get your much needed dose of energy from the trendy Bukit Cafe. Anything on the menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner is great! The zucchini fritters (pictured on the far right) with a poached egg and pesto is a healthy, tasty morning treat. Pair it with the APGL; apple, pineapple, ginger and lime; raw juice and you’ll be set for the day ahead!

GaRaSi is a local Indonesian restaurant that is the place to go to get authentic Nasi or Mi Goreng or Chicken Satay.

The Uluwatu Temple is a must visit attraction when visiting the sacred coastal town. As one of the six temples that are believed to be Bali’s spiritual pillars, the environment has incredible energy and the location is absolutely exquisite. Perched on the edge of a cliff, approximately 70 metres above sea level, you can walk along the edge and see some spectacular ocean views! I recommend finding a quiet spot in the shade that looks out across the ocean, and enjoy the abundance of the sea and the energies of the Balinese deities.

An important note is that there’ no public transport to the temple, so if you haven’t hired a scooter, organise a tour or prearrange a taxi to accompany you for a few hours.


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