Trick or treat

Halloween is the one time of year where you can go a little crazy and creepy with the decorations in your home. When there is no such thing as cheesy or over-the-top, let your imagination run wild and unleash your inner evil spirit. Here’s a few designs to make your home extra spooky this halloween!

We all use Halloween as an excuse to put on a scary costume and eat unnecessary amounts of sweets but do you know what the purpose of Halloween actually is? To be honest, until today I didn’t either! So here’s a quick insight … with origins thought to be in the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain, when bonfires were lit and people wore costumes to ward of roaming ghosts, October 31 is the eve of All Saints’ Day – a holiday created by Pope Gregory III in the eighth century to honour all saints and martyrs who had passed on. The Halloween we know today with trick-or-treating and dress-up parties was moulded by America. Although the candy flows and the props make today’s kids laugh rather than cry, it’s still a day of mystery, magic and superstition for many people around the world.

If you’re sick of pumpkin and fake blood, and are looking for a slightly more sophisticated way to decorate your home for Halloween, why not use artwork? These original paintings from Artfinder will make anyone’s spine tingle!

Classical style Armchair sofa couch in vintage room with desk lampspider-web-wall-mural-by-pixers

Turn your living room into a spiders cave with these removable wall decals from PIXERS. Turn the lights off, lite some candles and a faulty, flickering light, and you have yourself the spookiest dungeon in town!

Who said that pumpkins had to be orange? These painted pumpkins from Danetti are ideal for the eclectic interior and will have visitors second-guessing everything they know.

Skeletons, skulls, blood and bugs are the best kind of Halloween accessories but they don’t have to be tacky. If you’re a die hard Halloween fan, invest in your props and store them safely for next year! These are some of my favourite frightening finds … Mr & Mrs Bones hanging decorations from Talking Tables, Blutbad Badematte by Monsterzeug, and the Skeleton Hand jewellery stand by Red Candy (this is one I’d keep out year-round!).


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