Rhythm & Brews: when coffee met vinyl

There’s a coffee house in town that’s introducing a new way to enjoy your favourite daily ritual. On a cosy corner position in Chiswick, Ann Khoshaba, owner of Rhythm & Brews, is serving the perfect blend: coffee and vinyl.

Rhythm & Brews has been pouring coffees to the beats of Bowie, Elvis and MJ since it opened in September 2015. With timber floors, brick walls and classy music paraphernalia everywhere you turn, it’s almost like walking into your favourite uncles living room who just so happens to be a retired rockstar. The interior is warm and cosy without feeling old or too retro, and a combination of sofa, bench and dining seating arrangements, as well as a dog-friendly policy, means that everyone is welcome to make themselves at home!

Serving up one of the best coffees in London, Rhythm & Brews uses British hand-roasted coffee supplied by Union. A delicious selection of freshly made pastries and homemade cakes stare at you as you’re ordering, so take this as a pre-warning! If you’re craving something savoury, an array of panini’s and ciabatta’s are also available, however my recommendation would be the Eggs Royal (two poached eggs with smoked salmon and avocado) or the Chicken Pesto salad! Although it’s a coffee shop and the focus is on the coffee, the food at Rhythm & Brews is simple but super tasty. Without trying to be to a restaurant, the menu has great variety and caters to various tastebuds.

Recently, Rhythm & Brews also became fully-licensed which is great news for us wino’s. Now open on Thursday and Friday nights (and the occasional Saturday) until 11pm, you’d never know the place was a coffee shop after 6pm. You can now also enjoy your favourite drop or classic cocktail to the romantic rhythm of Van Morrison and the magical melodies of The Beatles. Mezze and cheese platters, as well as other tapas-style delights are the perfect accompaniment to the casual, relaxed atmosphere. As a music-lover herself, Ann will also be hosting ‘Live Lounge’ sessions where musicians will play a live, acoustic performance. Kicking off this month, Vez Maxwell, Yasmin Natasha and Nick DeGregorio will be performing on Thursday 3rd November, and on Saturday 5th November, American rock band, Redhill will be performing! You can find all the details and other events on Rhythm & Brews Facebook page, here.

Not just an ordinary coffee shop, Rhythm & Brews is providing a unique space for locals to socialise over a coffee or cocktail while listening to good music, in a warm and welcoming, living room-style environment.

For more information about Rhythm & Brews, you can visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (whichever you prefer!). I’ll be at the event this Thursday, 3rd November, so if you see me, come say hi! See you there!

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