Pretty paper petals

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh flowers when you walk into a home. A dozen white, long-stem roses in full bloom is an elegant and luxurious visual that can’t compare. Susan Beech, founder of A Petal Unfolds, is capturing this delicacy and offering a unique, handcrafted alternative.

After studying Fine Art Printmaking with a focus on photography at the University of Brighton, Susan Beech participated in an online, paper flower making class with House That Lars Built in 2013. Inspired by the beauty of this delicate creation, Susan learnt more about paper flowers and began developing her own designs and techniques. After showcasing her flowers on Instagram for the first time in 2014, Susan instantly saw the fascination that others had with this refined art. Aware of the demand and as her social following grew rapidly, Susan set up her own Etsy store, A Petal Unfolds, and has never looked back.

“I have a soft spot for Ranunculus because I just love the layers to the flower and how they all look together,” says Susan Beech, founder of A Petal Unfolds.

Inspired by the elegance and beauty of real flowers, as well as the levels of detail and intricacies of haute couture, Susan makes her flowers from crepe paper. Built around a piece of floral wire with tacky glue, Susan makes templates and delicately builds the flower one petal at a time. “I’ll design the flower and make templates for each part of the flower and then I can make it again and again,” says Susan.

Since sharing her dainty designs with the world, Susan has contributed to a paper craft book published by Dorling Kindersley and also teaches her own paper flower making workshops. Currently working from a desk in her front room, Susan dreams are to have her own studio, employ some helpers and have more time to take on bigger projects.

If you want to purchase or check out Susan’s paper flowers, or are interesting in participating in one of her workshops, please visit

Thank you so much to Susan for sharing her story with Dine With Design and we wish her all the best!

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