2017 Interior Design Trends

You all know that I’m a sucker for trends, and the latest news to come our of the design world is that, in 2017, we will be saying goodbye to industrial furniture, quote art and our obsession with grey, and hello to velvet, jewel tones and marble!

The latest Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast is making some bold predictions for 2017 in terms of how homeowners will decorate their interiors. Through analysing popular photos on its online home improvement hub combined with data from a survey of interior design experts, Zillow Digs are predicting that homeowners and consumers will forget about 2016 design fads like the worldwide fascination with quote art,  in preference for warmer, cosier decor items.

“Homeowners will start to shy away from overly industrial designs that feel stiff or cold. Instead, they will incorporate plush fabrics like velvet and rich jewel tones into their home to make it feel more approachable and welcoming,” says Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Digs home design expert.

Top Home Design Trends for 2017

A hot fashion trend right now, velvet is expected to make a big splash in interior design next year. Look for velvet fabrics and textures to weave their way into anything from throw pillows to upholstered couches and curtains.

Jewel Colors
Saturated colours like emerald green or sapphire blue will take centre stage in 2017. From artwork to furniture, these vibrate hues will be popping up everywhere, bringing life and richness to homes.

Marble Surfaces
Marble, especially in shades of white and light grey, will be one of 2017’s biggest design trends. Experts predict marble to become an increasingly popular material for countertops, flooring and tabletops, as well as in everyday household items like serving platters or vases.

Built-in Bars
Stemming from 2016’s popular bar cart trend, homeowners next year will look for a more permanent solution for entertaining within their home. From built-in shelving for craft cocktail fixings, to a small bar seating area, homeowners are enjoying decorating and hosting more classic parties and will seek ways to make these spaces more of a focal point within the home.

Zillow Digs® is a hub for home improvement and design inspiration. Users can browse millions of photos of interiors and exteriors of real homes, organised by space, style, cost and colour. Product tags allow users to easily locate similar products and accessories as seen in their favourite photos, and patent-pending Digs® Estimates help people understand what it would cost to recreate the actual bathrooms and kitchens they are viewing. In addition, Zillow Digs users can collect images, share favourites and follow others for inspiration, from the Zillow Digs App.

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