A club for home enthusiasts

The DecorCafe is a club and online community that allows people to learn, share and participate in workshops, private home tours, and inspiring talks by home experts. It’s basically the perfect excuse for home enthusiasts to mingle and talk about anything from curtains to canapés, paint to pansies.

At an event that I recently went to, I met the lovely Nikki Rees, an interior design and home expert. Nikki was so kind to invite me along to a talk that she was doing for The DecorCafe and introduce me the founder, Debbie Blott. The thought of a club that hosts all of these cool events to do with the home was something I had to check out, and I was not disappointed!

On Monday evening, I parked outside a residential home in Putney, rather unsure of what to expect. Greeted by the snorts of DecorCafe’s resident French Bulldog, Kronk, the night had started off pretty well! Speaking to Debbie and Nikki before everyone else arrived, they told me a little bit more about The DecorCafe and the concept of creating a collaborative community where people can come together to learn, share ideas and enjoy ongoing inspiration and support. The idea of a place where home enthusiasts can go to access resources and even discounts on décor products, as well as get invaluable information and guidance from experts, sounded like heaven!

As the guests started to arrive, Debbie bought out some small snacks and offered everyone a glass of wine. It was really interesting to see the diversity of people that were attending the evening; a banker, an art gallery owner, an event manager and even other interior designers! But no matter who you were or what you did, everyone shared one thing in common, and that was a love of their home and a desire to make it all that they’d ever dreamed of.

As each of us grabbed a chair and took a seat in Debbie’s dining room, Nikki had a slideshow presentation prepared and it was time to be inspired! Nikki did a talk on ‘New Ideas for the Home’ where she walked through every room in the house, addressing the most common concerns people have and how to fix them, as well as sharing interior trends for 2017, advice and tricks of the trade. What I loved most about the talk though, was that it was super relaxed and informal. Throughout Nikki’s talk, guests would ask questions and share the problems that they are facing in their own homes, while Nikki would offer her opinion and advise on how to potentially solve the issues. Rather than a talk, it was more of a personal discussion where guests were able to take something away with them and immediately implement it in their home.

I absolutely love the concept of The DecorCafe and the information, access and opportunities that you get for £20/month are worth every penny! Nikki’s inspiring interiors talk was one of several events that The DecorCafe hosts. From wine courses to furniture painting workshops, it’s a home enthusiast’s heaven, and the private home tours offer amazing opportunities to see how others have transformed their own homes.

For more information about future events and membership details, visit www.thedecorcafe.com, and if you would like to know more about Nikki and check out her beautiful interior design projects, visit www.nikkirees.com!

A big thank you to Nikki and Debbie for having me and I very much look forward to attending more events hosted by The DecorCafe and sharing them with you lovely people!

In the meantime, here’s some great tips that Nikki shared with us on Monday night and the kind of info and advice you can expect from a DecorCafe event.

  • A big trend for 2017 is to bring leafy foliage and plants into the home.
  • Velvet, upholstered headboards are all the rage in the bedroom.
  • Timber aesthetics are finding their way into bathroom design.
  • Open storage and artwork are cool things for the kitchen.
  • Make your bedroom your own personal oasis by starting with a colour you love and using it in different shades and tones. But don’t paint your bedroom walls yellow!
  • Ways to make spaces look bigger; take curtains all the way to the floor, have kitchen storage go all the way to the ceiling, paint the whole room instead of just a feature wall.
Nikki Rees, interior designer at Nikki Rees Interior Design.
Debbie Blott (left), founder of The DecorCafe.


DecorCafe’s resident Frenchie, Kronk! Photography by Kaisa Viljarand of Pawsome Pet Photography.


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