Casa Botelho: Effortless luxury

Casa Botelho will celebrate its one year anniversary of the launch of its first collection next week and to commemorate, I spoke to the glamorous man behind the just-as glamorous designs, Joao Botelho.

Walking into Joao’s four-storey townhouse in East London, luxury oozes from the walls and the rich palette of greys and golds that adorn the space instantly seduces you. Feeling as though I’ve just walked onto a James Bond movie set, velvet furnishings, sparkling accents and Art Deco features have me in awe as I attempt to pick my jaw up off the ground. Joao’s obsession with symmetry creates this effortless luxury that so many desire but never manage to achieve. Without even knowing what I was looking at, the symmetrical details gave each and every piece within the space, meaning and purpose. It was … exquisite.

“There is something soothing and calming, artistic and architectural, and symbolic about symmetry. It shows authority and control, equilibrium and harmony. It gives me real peace of mind to see things with clean, clear lines and in the right place,” says Joao Botelho.

Working in the fashion industry for many years, Joao learnt about the importance of visual satisfaction, about fabrics and materials, and about “what LUXE really means”. Once commencing the redesign of his own home, Joao realised that he had a unique style and desire for pieces that didn’t exist.

“It started when I was looking for small, statement, worldly and sexy tables to fill in areas of my home and I struggles to find something in the market elegant enough with a big dose of drama for this purpose,” says Joao Botelho.

Casa Botelho’s first collection that launched in March, 2016, was a range of symmetrically shaped petite tables that have been named after iconic martini cocktails. Within the last year, Casa Botelho has launched four more furniture collections that all evoke the brands signature glamour and elegance. Each piece has a handmade quality and an acute attention to detail that only endorses its exceptional beauty. Basically, Joao is fulfilling the dreams of woman all over the world, because when you’re in the presence of one of his designs, you almost feel like you could be the next Bond girl!

While we’re all dreaming of ways to win over Daniel Craig while sitting in the Bacco Armchair upholstered in the divine Lapis Velvet, sipping on a dry martini, Joao has some pretty cool things lined up this year! Working on adding some of his favourite brands to Casa Botelho’s fabulous new website, Joao is also launching new collections including rugs, lighting and textiles, while also planning an extravagant stand for his first appearance at Clerkenwell Design Week!

I personally love Casa Botelho’s designs and Joao’s ability to give you the confidence to break the conventional rules of interior design, use dark tones on your walls and fill your home with dramatic and exciting colours and textures! If you want more details about Casa Botelho’s collections and the incredible fabrics and materials that they are each available in, head to the website, here. (Even just for some interior eye candy!)

Thank you to Joao for being speaking to me and sharing his story with us at Dine With Design, I’m so excited to see what comes next!

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