Dining Al Fresco Style with Barbed

When you think about al fresco dining, you might imagine a mouth-watering, Mediterranean banquet as the sun shines overhead and a gentle breeze sweeps in from the infinite ocean in front of you. Unfortunately, we don’t get this kind of atmosphere in good ol’Blighty but that’s all about to change!

Recently, a great British brand, Barbed, got in touch with me and explained that their newest campaign was to make al fresco dining possible in British homes. Coming from Australia and cherishing the memories of barbecues on the beach and poolside dinners as we dipped our toes in the water to stay cool; I was super excited about this concept! So, together with Barbed, we’ve written this blog to encouraged your Brits to take dining & design, outdoors!

As we all know, the British weather can be all over the place during any season, and there’s been plenty of times we’ve all approached a restaurant or charming country pub on a relatively nice day, and had to answer the question; “shall we eat inside or out?”. I mean, the sun is making a fair effort, but there’s still a chilly bite lingering in the air. Two of you are keen to make the most of half an opportunity outside, but the other two just want to get inside – the girls haven’t bought a cardigan … typical! Whatever the scenario, cardigans or no cardigans, we think it’d be nice for al fresco dining to be a choice to consider more frequently, so this is why we’re introducing it to your own personal outdoor space!

But it gets awfully cold out there

It’s Autumn, so the darkness is slowly drawing in alongside the gradual drop in temperature (most of the time, anyway!), but a late-night feast in the garden can still be enjoyed with the help of a firepit.
Sounds a bit extreme? A bit caveman-like, even? But the beauty of the Dancook 9000 firepit is that it acts as a fireplace to keep everybody toasty, as well as a barbecue to chargrill those homemade burgers you whipped up. Oh, and obviously, it’s handy for roasting the marshmallows too!

Firepit Dancook9000
Firepit Dancook9000

Anything that can help us see..?

Illuminating the space is an important factor, for obvious reasons. After all, we’re not trying to replicate ‘Eating in the Dark’ and depending on your company, it’s nice to see who you’re talking to! Fermob’s weatherproof Balad lamps add splashes of light with two brightness settings, which is handy, because lighting can play such an important part in creating the ambience you’re after.

Fermob Balad Lamp
Fermob Balad Lamp

Speaking of ambience….

Another important factor that can be overlooked when we’re dining out is the vibe that is created within the venue. It can go hand in hand with the food that is served up, and a combination of the two often dictates whether we love a place, feel a bit meh about it, or will never return! At home, we can create the vibes we want and combine them with the comforts we love.

While they can’t refine your cooking skills, Barbed can provide you with a little help when it comes to creating that personal vibe for your homemade al fresco dining experience. It’s the reason why they have a wide range of styles available, because an enjoyable part of the process can be in piecing together the tables, chairs and colours to reflect your own personality and preferences. But be warned, most of the collections come in a choice of up to 24 colours, so be prepared for the personal debate that comes with too many options!

You can browse the Barbed collections online at www.barbed.co.uk, or pop into one of the two London showrooms. There’s one in Barnes and another in Chiswick. The team does enjoy a good chat and loves discovering the different wants and needs people have when looking for outside dining furniture, so there’s promise of a warm welcome!

**This blog was written with representatives from Barbed.co.uk.

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