Life as an expat

Growing up in Australia, Asia was a holiday destination. Bali, Thailand, Vanuatu, you name it, we went there! But there’s a big difference between 10 days and two years, so naturally, the idea of living in Asia scared me a little.

Kuala Lumpur is like no other Asian city. As if New York had been planted on the south-west end of Malaysia, instead of the One World Trade Centre you have the Petronas Towers; instead of the Empire State Building you have the KL Tower; instead of Grand Central Station you have the KL Railway Station; and instead of Central Park you’ve got the Perdana Botanical Garden. But where KL is different, is that it’s got its own unique culture. Made up of a variety of languages and looks, it’s almost impossible to feel out of place here.

We’ve not been here long but from what we’ve seen so far, what we’ve eaten, and where we’ve been – not to mention the deliciously, warm tropical climate – KL is definitely somewhere we’ll be comfortable calling home.

Here’s a small glimpse into our time here so far …
And I’ve already got a long list of restaurant reviews lined up for you guys, so stay tuned!

Our time at KL Bird Park – the world’s largest open-air, free-flight avery with more than 3000 birds of approximately 200 species!

One of the most exquisite and unique temples I’ve ever been to … Batu Caves is a Hindu Temple just 25 minutes from the city and to enjoy the cave and all its tranquility, you’ve got to work for it – 272 steps to be exact!


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