Supper in the Sky

A fresh plate of pasta … the soft, delicate texture of each string that’s been carefully hand-kneaded to just the right consistency for just the right amount of time. Well, imagine all that amazingness in your mouth while you sit on the side of a building overlooking Kuala Lumpur. Sound interesting enough?

Strato at Troika Sky Dining is one of four restaurants on the 24th floor of The Troika in Kuala Lumpur’s City Centre, founded by Christian Bauer (Executive Chef) and Eddie Chew (Restauranteur). The most laid back restaurant of The Troika selection, Strato specialises in pizza and pasta, offering an Italian Mama’s kitchen-style menu that is almost as good as the real thing!


As all the pastas are made in-house, I was desperate to try Strato’s speciality. Although it wouldn’t usually be my first choice, the zucchini pesto and zucchini blossom won me over, so I went with the Ricotta Gnocchi (RM45). Like soft pillows of melting cheese, each mouthful was eagerly welcomed. The rich, creaminess of the ricotta was wonderfully complemented by the freshness of the zucchini and overall, the meal left me at the ideal point between satisfied and stuffed. Although this dish would’ve paired perfectly with a glass of Champagne or Italian white (I’d highly recommend trying the white wine from San Germignano), I had a glass of the Pasqua, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Passimento, from Veneto (RM35/glass), which offered all that I love about Italian wine – dry and full of flavour.


My very handsome dining partner decided to go with pizza (surprise, surprise)! Quote, “One of the best pizza’s I’ve ever eaten” – I think it’s safe to say he thoroughly enjoyed it! The House made Italian sausage pizza with tomato sauce, sweet-sour capsicum and onions (RM40) is once again, a perfect marriage of deliciously spiced meat, sweet and salty – all tied together by a thin, crispy pizza base.


And because it was all too good to end, we chose the Chocolate budino with chocolate sauce and crumble (RM30) for dessert. Beautifully presented and with chocolate made three ways … there’s nothing else to say but ‘delicious’!


Strato will take your tastebuds to Italy and let your worries float away with the passing clouds. In a relaxed, sky-high retreat, choose to dine outside on the balcony to make the most of the spectacular city views, and then just sit back and enjoy some Italian indulgence!

For more information about Troika Sky Dining and Strato, visit


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