The day I didn’t like food

As a food blogger, foodaholic and self-confessed over-eater, it would be right for you to assume that I’m a fan of food. So, to wake up one day and feel no desire to eat and the smell of food made me eyeball the toilet bowl, you could say I was a little …. terrified.

As a woman, from your early- to mid-twenties you begin to be told stories of other women (your sister, your sister’s friend, your friend’s cousin…) who have fallen pregnant and spent eight weeks with their heads down the toilet and coiled up in the foetal position on the sofa. Or women who have been hospitalized because they couldn’t even keep water down. Although this (thank gosh!) was not my experience, I felt just as scared at the notion of never enjoying the smell of cooking bacon or the soft, fluffy taste of scrambled eggs, ever again!

At approximately five weeks pregnant, my surging hormones and rapidly growing baby began to take aim at my appetite. As the thought of putting anything else other than peanut butter toast, cheese toasties or pasta napoletana into my mouth made my entire body begin to convulse, I turned to the trusty Google search engine for help! While I sipped on the recommended ginger tea, munched on dry crackers and sucked on orange segments and ice, the drama of Married At First Sight Australia played out of the television and days of baked salmon and crispy fish tacos faded far, far away.

Although in those first 12 weeks I felt as though my future as a foodaholic was doomed and I would never enjoy the pleasure of food again, it was not to be. Now at almost 14 weeks pregnant and with the wisdom of hindsight, I can see that I may of, at times, been a little overdramatic in my concerns about my changing likes and dislikes for food. While my appetite still fantasizes over pepperoni pizza and chicken pesto pasta rather than pan-seared seabass or quinoa salad, I am finally beginning to enjoy the taste of food again … and it’s magnificent! The best thing I can relate it to is the feeling of breathing through your nose again after having what felt like a blocked nose for months … yep, magnificent!

While I’m no expert, I wanted to share my very own Survival Guide to First Trimester Food Aversions … because food is a serious matter!

Enjoy and good luck!


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