The Roast Things

Tucked away in a commercial block in the back streets of Petaling Jaya is a little slice of coffee heaven – an independent coffee roaster that is brewing the goods!

My relationship with coffee is similar to a rainbow and rain; one cannot exist without the other. And if you think this is dramatic, you obviously haven’t seen me on a day when I haven’t had my morning coffee.

I’ve had potentially some of this best coffee in Kuala Lumpur and that’s thanks to an incredible trend in Asia where becoming an independent coffee roaster is like a fast track to celebrity status.

The Roast Things was one such roaster that kept coming up online and among recommendations by fellow KL-ites. So, on a sunny Sunday morning with nothing else better to do than go for a drive and hunt down on of the city’s most talked about coffee roasters, we set off on an adventure!

About 30 minutes drive outside of KLCC, The Roast Things is hidden away in a corner lot of a commercial building block. A large, bold font reading “Cream / The Roast Things”, is painted on the entrance wall to the cafe, meaning you’re unlikely to miss it. Greeted by a simple white exterior a wooden park bench, this image is the perfect representation of the minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity that you ought to expect once you step inside.


After enjoying the usual few seconds of air-conditioned relief once inside, I instantly fell in love with the space. A natural, white interior shell is elegantly complemented by rich timber furniture and an abundance of potted and hanging greenery. A mix-match of seating options adds a quirky touch but overall the space is uncomplicated; and it’s perfect! It’s cosy and comfortable and begs you to melt into a chair and enjoy a coffee and some cake; and so we did!


We ordered two flat whites and a chocolate tart. I was lucky enough to get a few bites of the chocolate tart before my better half inhaled it … so there’s not much more to say about that. When the coffee’s were served, I asked for sugar and the lady politely replied, “We don’t have sugar”. Although I was quite surprised by this response, I sipped away and was pleasantly surprised by natural sweetness that The Roast Things‘ coffee already had; it didn’t need the sugar!


The Roast Things prides itself on serving up “honest, good coffee”. Resident Q-grader, Jin, sources colourfully delicious coffee beans from around the world while roaster, Ving, is a seasoned pour-over master. For a beautiful balance of acidity and sweetness, head over to The Roast Things in PJ. You can even order their espresso blends and have them delivered straight to your door!


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