Saved by the brisket

What better way to spend a Friday night than stuffing your face with cuts of smokey, succulent barbecue. With all the right ingredients, is KL’s newest Texan-style restaurant, The Burnin’ Pit, living up to expectations?

Walking into The Burnin’ Pit on Desa Sri Hartamas’ main street, the charcoal aroma of the smoking outdoor barbecue and the sight of hanging festoon lights and wooden bench seating had me doing a little pre-dinner dance. Inside, things only get better. Parquetry timber floors, exposed brick, brown leather and an LED sign reading ‘Burnin Pit’ that hung on the ceiling and ran the length of the bar, creates a glamorous, upscale dining environment that also feels comfortable and welcoming.

After pre-ordering the beef ribs and brisket, upon arrival we were told that they don’t do pre-orders and they only have beef brisket, lamb ribs and chicken available. So, without causing a fuss, brisket and lamb ribs it would be. We also went with a side of fries, southern slaw and mac n cheese.

The reason I don’t tend to choose lamb-anything when I go out to eat is because it tends to have a chunky layer of fat, and although the rub and flavouring of the lamb ribs were divine, I barely found any meat to actually eat! The mac and cheese had a rich flavour and the crunchy slaw offered a refreshing alternative to the strong meat flavours. The hero by far however, was in fact the beef brisket. Smoked for 14 hours in a 30/70% ratio-salt to pepper rub, the meat is so tender and juicy with a deliciously charred edging. My advice, don one of the fluffy brioche buns with a slab of brisket (as much as you can fit), some slaw and a good dollop of The Burnin Pits’ own gula Melaka-flavoured barbecue sauce, and you’re in for a treat!


From the smoking pit that provides an exciting, insta-worthy welcome, to the dimly lit, upscale interior and mouth-watering taste of Texan spices, The Burnin’ Pit has everything you want from a classic, American barbecue joint. But, with a very confusing reservation/pre-ordering system and staggered service, the overall experience was slightly tainted.

However, the fatty deliciousness of tender, melt-in-your-mouth brisket is what will take me back to The Burnin’ Pit, with the desperate hope that I’d also get my hands on some of those talked-about beef ribs!

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