Therapist to Design Entrepreneur

I’m always on the lookout for little, inspiring stories like this one to share with you, and the tale of Natalie Manima and her homewares brand, Bespoke Binny, graced my inbox this morning and I had to share it!

A big part of my ethos behind Dine With Design was to bring awareness to the fact that our experiences, whether they’re related to food or not, are made enjoyable by those who we share them with and the space in which the experience takes place. I strongly believe that going to a restaurant isn’t just about spending your hard-earned money on good food, it’s also to enjoy the overall experience which includes the service, design and general aura of the place. Not just when you dine out, this idea also relates to the dining and living environment in your home. Which brings me to Natalie Manima and Bespoke Binny.

As a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist based in London, Natalia Manima has recognised the importance of one’s home environment, in coping with issues such as anxiety and low mood for many years. After a traumatic event in February 2016 where she sadly experienced a still birth and almost lost her own life, Natalie felt broken. Unsure of whether she’d ever be able to feel passionate or motivated about her business ever again, Natalie took the courage to share her story on Instagram and was amazed at the response. Inundated by women who thanked her for sharing her story as they had been through similar situations themselves and felt unable to talk about it; this incredible amount of support empowered Natalie to re-launch Bespoke Binny in November 2016.

From Ghanaian decent, Natalie grew up surrounded by vibrant colours and prints which she always found were uplifting as a child. Bespoke Binny is an eclectic homeware brand rooted in African expression. Aprons, oven gloves, table runners, pillows, lampshades, and more are handmade in the UK using exquisite, vibrant West African fabrics. Bespoke Binny is a business with a heart that aims to beautify homes around the world.

“I created Bespoke Binny because I truly believe ‘home is where the heart is’ and having a home that is a reflection of you is essential to your wellbeing,” says Natalie Manima.

Thank you so much to Natalie for sharing her story with us and who doesn’t want to surround themselves with bright, beautiful fabrics that would make even the dullest day a little bit clearer.

Visit to check out Natalie’s full range of gifts and homewares.


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